Alien + Rocket

01. Alien + Rocket

Using all three crafts we can create a fun scene all our toys can join in on!


Step 1: Scavenger Hunt – What you’ll need

  • Sheet of paper
  • Empty Toilet Roll
  • Safety Scissor
  • Pencil
  • Colours (paint, markers, crayons, colouring pencils)
  • Glue Stick or Sticky Tape
  • Old Cereal Box
  • Lots of Imagination!

Step 2: How to make an Alien out of Household items

  1. Paint toilet roll any colour you want. Leave Dry.
  2. Using the toilet roll draw a circle on your sheet of paper.
  3. Cut the circle out… ask an adult to help if you need it!
  4. Draw a big eye inside circle
  5. Stick eye on to the centre of toilet roll
  6. Using leftover paper, create tentacles for your Alien! Cutting out straight strips of paper.
  7. Let’s get creative here, add eyes, ears, noses. Whatever you want!
  8. Don’t forget to show us your Aliens on #garterlane

Step 3: How to draw a Spaceship

  1. Draw the main body
  2. Add wings
  3. Start to add details on to the body of the ship, like windows etc
  4. Add flames to the bottom of the spaceship
  5. Colour!
  6. Cut out the spaceship – Remember to ask for help if you need it!

Step 4: How to make a Backdrop!

  1. Open out the old cereal box.
  2. Paint/Colour inside box!
  3. Let’s get creative!
  4. Don’t forget to show us your Spaceship on #garterlane