WFFA : Parallel Mothers (Madres Paralelas)

Apr 26th
7:30 pm
€9 |



WFFA : Parallel Mothers (Madres Paralelas)


“★★★★ …it’s Cruz who sets the tone, with a performance that radiates warmth and is refreshingly forgiving of her character’s flaws. She has never been better.’’- Wendy Ide, The Observer


Event Date: Tuesday, April 26th

Event Time: 7.30pm

Tickets: €9/7.50

When two women meet at a hospital and give birth to their babies on the same day, their lives are inextricably linked.

Janis, the older of the two, is more comfortable and confident with her single mother status. She is also trying to trace the unmarked grave of her great-grandfather, murdered during the Spanish Civil War. Ana is a teenage mother, left to find her own way by her absentee parents, and while she faces many struggles, with Janis’s support she finds her feet.



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