A Little Room : A Silent Message

Apr 5th
6:00 pm
Free event but booking in advance advised |

The message of knock is a silent one. Our lady appeared to 8 little children with tears pouring down her face…

Going out tonight
Going to drink cider tonight 
Going out tonight 
Going make a mess tonight 
Going out tonight
Tonight I am young 
Tonight I am free
Tonight I am living


Trigger Warning: This show contains graphic description of rape and may not be suitable for some audiences.


Date: Tue, 5th April 2022

Tickets: FREE

Starts: 6pm (Doors 5.45pm)

Capacity: 30







Martina Collender is a Playwright. She’s been mentored by Jim Nolan (still, we sing) Liam Meargher (one hundred thousand breaths, If The Lights Change and Stolen Time) Joe Meagher (Petticoat Loose) and Ben Hennessy (Lovers Dust)

Alan O’Toole is a Stage Manager and Actor from Waterford, Alan is currently attending Waterford Institute of Technology studying level 8 in Culinary Arts after graduating from level 6 in Culinary Arts (2019 to present).

He became interested in Theatre when he joined Waterford Youth Arts (2018-2020) and since then has acted in ‘Stolen Time’ (2020) directed by Liam Meagher, written by Martina Collender. He was Stage Manager for ‘Bag O Cans’ (2021) written and directed by Martina Collender. Alan was Asst Stage manager and Asst Costume Designer for ‘Romeo and Juliet’ (2021) directed by Jim Nolan. He was Stage manager for ‘A Christmas Carol’ (2021) directed by Liam Meagher.”

Mary O Donoghue is an actor from Dunmore East, Waterford. She is currently playing the character Lilly in “A Silent Message” written by Martina Collender and directed by Sinead Hourigan. She also has credited work playing Mercutio in “Romeo and Juliet” directed by Jim Nolan in Wyse Park in 2021, for which she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress by the Waterford News and Star Green Room Awards 2022. She worked with Waterford Youth Arts since 2015 and has been part of many plays with the company. She has credited work playing Lila in “Stolen Time” written by Martina Collender and directed by Liam Meagher streamed live from Garter Lane Theatre in 2020, played the character of a stage manager in “11 Years” a devised play directed by Dierdre Dwyer and shown in Garter Lane Theatre in 2019, and played the character of the Cat in “Animal Farm” written by Peter Hall and directed by Rhiann Jeffree shown in Garter Lane Theatre in 2018. She also participated in the showcase “Works in Progress” written and directed by Waterford Youth Arts members in the years 2018 and 2019. She has credited work playing Witch Two in “Mcbeth” directed by Aaron Power and shown in Garter Lane Theatre in 2019. She was also a stagehand in “A Christmas Carol” adapted and directed by Liam Meagher shown in Garter Lane Theatre in 2021

Sinéad is an actor, director and stage manager from South Kilkenny. She has just finished her final year in MTUs Theatre & Drama Studies where she became interested in costume & makeup, prop & set design, directing, sound design and stage management. She started her theatre journey when she joined Waterford Youth Arts at 8 years old. Since then she has participated in many of their shows and even produced a Works in Progress showcase in 2017. Her most recent work includes: played Ghost of Christmas Present & other various roles in ‘A Christmas Carol’ directed by Liam Meagher. Costume designer & assistant director for ‘Romeo & Juliet’ directed by Jim Nolan. Stage managing ‘Love and Information’ by Carol Churchill directed by Regina Crowley. Assistant stage manager/set builder/voice coach for ‘Stolen Time’ by Martina Collender directed by Liam Meagher. Played Alice in the ‘Halfpenny Opera’ written and directed by Johnny Hanrahan. Currently, she is stage managing and assistant directing the WYAs National Theatre Cxnnections 2022 project of Remote.”



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