• Jul 4th
  • 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Gallery/Courtyard

  • 6 + yrs
  • N/A

A Waterford Fairytale Streetscene with Caitriona Sweeney


Join Caitriona for a reading of her picture book, A Galway Fairytale, and then create a Waterford fairytale!We’ll paint and cut your favourite buildings of Waterford to create a street scene fit for a fairytale. She is an admirer of woolly jumpers and painted lots of them into this book.


Caitriona Sweeney is an illustration artist and author living and working in Dublin. She has illustrated 4 picture books and A Galway Fairytale is the first she has written as well as illustrated. She has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions and delivered workshops both online and in person.

garter lane map

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