• Jul 9th
  • 11:30 am - 12:15 pm
  • Courtyard

  • 9-12yrs
  • 15

Circus workshop


Circus Skills Workshops are taught in a fun an inclusive manner. They follow a positive reinforcement model that actively encourages involvement and new ideas from the students. These are incorporated into the lesson plan by professional circus performer and tutor, Will Flanagan and are intermixed with challenges and games that actively encourage participation. The Circus Skills Workshops cover an introduction to a number of primary circus props including Juggling, Diabolo, Spinning Plates, Flower Sticks and Hula Hoops.


Will Flanagan is a professional performer, circus artist and producer. “He is the Artistic Director of Alchemy Arts, a Contemporary Circus and Street Theatre company based in Co. Cork, Ireland, having previously run the award-winning Street Theatre company PassePartout from 2008 – 2019. Will is a co-founder of The Circus Factory, Ireland’s first full time training and creation space for the Circus Arts, and was a member of its management committee from its inception until 2017. He was their Artist in Residence in 2019.
One of Ireland’s most prolific circus artists, Will presents work on a bi-annual basis at the National Circus Festival, and has had sold out runs at the International Street Theatre Festival and Cork’s Midsummer Festival. He has performed throughout Europe, and the diversity of his work is characterised by the range of international venues he has performed in, from the Anton Checkov theatre in Russia to the Indian Juggling Convention and The Land Art Festival of Taiwan.
His most recent work includes the commissioned production The Presence, a series of interactive short films, and his work with the character of The Collector for RTE’s Culture Night.
‘I am inspired by collaborative, devised frameworks for making that integrate a variety of performative practices – Circus Skills, Physical Theatre, Contemporary Dance, Character Acting and Digital Media. These are explored with the intention of creating distinctive productions that actively engage audiences and explore personal & universal modes of expression.’”

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