POSTPONED : Enlightened Figure (Painting 3-Day Workshop)

Apr 3rd - Apr 5th 2020 |
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
€300 |

Enlightened Figure Painting 3-Day Workshop

The 18th-century ‘Age of Enlightenment’ heralded many new ideas and a more rational style of painting, known as Neoclassicism, which echoed the spirit of revolution in Europe.


In this three-day oil painting workshop, you will be introduced to the painting practices of these neoclassical masters, who favoured clarity of form, sober colours, shallow spaces, and strong horizontals. You will also learn the academic methods and techniques that are currently being taught at academies in Florence and other major realist art centres, including how to:

• measure and capture accurate proportions

• mix and apply subtle and accurate oil colour

• create light and shadow in your painting

• understand glazing techniques

For full details and booking, please visit:

10am-5pm each day



03-05 April 2020

Price: € 300 Discount: € 270 (booking before 29 February)

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