Nicola Spendlove
Ben Quinlan

Five Year Plan (Nicola Spendlove & Ben Quinlan) @ A Little Room

Sep 3rd
6:00 pm
Free event but booking in advance advised |

A Little Room, 5 O’Connell Street, Garter Lane Studios, Cultural Quarter, Waterford.


A Little Room, Garter Lane Studios, Cultural Quarter, Waterford.

Tuesday, 3rd September , 2019   |   6pm   |   FREE, but ticketed

After a short summer break A Little Room is open again and this month we welcomed Nicola Spendlove back to the theatre development centre. Nicola is developing a new script entitled Five Year Plan. She has joined creative forces with James at Stagemad theatre company and Ben Quinlan (Director). Here’s what Nicola had to say about this exciting new piece;

 “There were two themes I wanted to explore when I began developing with the director and actors of script for Five Year Plan.

The first was the dynamic of female friendship groups. As I grow older, I’m fascinated by the way the friends you grew up with are so different from the friends you make as an adult. The friends from your childhood can be people that you have so little in common with on paper, and yet you’re bound by this intense love for each other that comes from having a shared history. I think because of that, you forgive each other a lot of things that you might not other people- I’m really interested in writing about how that dynamic can play out, and can be abused to an extent- whether intentionally or not. 

The second theme was addiction. I have, at many points in my life, had an unhealthy relationship with alcohol- but I’d never call myself an addict. Speaking to others, it seems I’m far from alone in my experience within Irish society. I’m curious about where the line is- when do we start labelling substance abuse as a problem?

When I brought the script to James Power and Stagemad Theatre Company. I was delighted that they wanted to support me in this endeavour. I was thrilled when Ben Quinlan came on board as director- he has taken the script and read it in a completely unique way, and developed such a creative touch to the piece. Our team, Ema Lemon, Megan Kelly, and Abi McCormick, have immersed themselves in the whole process. 

The A Little Room residency has afforded us the opportunity to play around with the script and direction, and come up with a proposed version of the first three scenes for our presentation to the public in the A Little Room space at Garter lane Arts Centre Studios, 5 O’Connell Street, on Tuesday 3rd Sept @ 6pm. It is a free event and booking will open at Garter Lane’s box office very soon. 

We are proud and excited by what has come out of this experience so far, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback on what we have produced so that we can improve even more.”



Ben and company will present a rehearsed reading of Five Year Plan followed by a short Q&A.


















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