IFI (Senior German) – Night Forest/Nachtwald

Mar 16th
9:30 pm

16th March (Senior German)

Night Forest/Nachtwald

Age Recommendation 15+  |  Contains brief references to pornography. 




Date: Above

Time: 9.30am

Location : Garter Lane Arts Centre

Booking : Online


New German language film, this engrossing and tense teen drama features great performances and beautiful natural landscapes. Driven by the belief that a legendary cave exists in the Usulenberg mountain, teenage Paul’s dad sets off on an expedition, only to never return. A year later, the boy is struggling to cope with his father’s disappearance. Convinced that the man was right, Paul sets off on a search with his best friend Max to try to uncover what actually happened to his father.  This big summer adventure is ultimately a tale of friendship, freedom and imagination. 

Germany •2021 • 96 mins • Drama/Adventure • German/English subtitles • Director: Andre Hörmann & Katrin Milhan 

A study guide from the French Cultural Service is available to download from ifi.ie/studyguides


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