Māris Martinsons
Lauris Reiniks, Nauris Brikmanis, Zane Dombrovska, Dita Lūriņa-Egliena, Andris Bulis, Dārta Daneviča, Māra Sleja, Valters Krauze, Baiba Sipeniece-Gavare, Valdis Melderis, Anete Krasovska

Jaungada taksometrs / New Year’s Eve Taxi

Dec 20th
8:00 pm
€12.50 |

Comedy, romance  |  Age limits: 12+  |  Movie in Latvian with subtitles in Russian and English  |  1h 24 min

New Year’s Eve. Taxi driver Andrejs (Lauris Reiniks) has almost finished his shift, when suddenly a forgotten present makes him recall the curious collection of that night’s passengers – a rowdy couple, a tired Santa, noisy mummers, a worried groom, and even a pregnant woman about to have her baby. Andrejs will play a role in each passenger’s story, but will he get to experience his own New Year’s miracle?


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