Sep 20th - Sep 21st 2019 |
8:00 pm
€15 |

Stagemad Theatre Company presents Award-winning actor Noelle Clarke as Stella, in Noel Kelly’s ‘Jetty Stars’.

Noelle returns to the stage in the challenging and demanding role of Stella, a former prostitute, just released from prison having served a seventeen year sentence for the brutal murder of her lover and pimp, Saleem , a North African seaman.

Set on the deserted docks and wharves of the Waterford Quayside, she recreates the thriving city-centre docks and seaport of the 1980’s , now awaiting a much-anticipated North Wharf investment and development.

Creating the role of Stella, the returning ‘Jetty Star’,( a local name for women who plied their trade on the city centre docks), has provided Noelle with a real challenge for her acting and characterisation talents. In a play that has been described as ‘Gritty’, ‘Edgy’ ‘a Waterford we don’t want to talk about’, she gives a ‘Stellar’ performance in the title role.





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