• Jul 8th
  • 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
  • gallery

  • 6+ years
  • 15

Plucking Daisies


Join us as we create a beautiful bouquet of plasticine flowers. Each
participant should make 2-3 flowers by the end of the workshop.
This workshop has been created by the This is Art! presenter Shane Keeling.


Shane Keeling is an artist from Wexford, specialising in ceramics, sculpture and illustration. He holds a BA in Applied Materials from NCAD and is currently working in London as a resident artist, technician and educator at the The Kiln Rooms.
Shane is a member of the international collective Boys Don’t Cry, who aim to bring the issues of men’s mental health into discussion within the creative industry and show how having a creative outlet can help.
He is a process driven artist that uses humour to make his work more palatable. He intentionally pursues chance and risk while creating art.

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