Red Lead Presents : I Came Back (followed by Q&A)

Mar 26th
3:00 pm
Free event but booking in advance advised |

I Came Back chronicles Owen’s remarkable life journey from his early childhood, through his burgeoning musical career, the catastrophic accident and finally to the present day.

It shows his optimistic and courageous outlook on life, his philosophical reasoning and his strong spiritual beliefs. It is a lovely gentle portrait of an amazing person who carries an important message for all of us, particularly as we move into a new life beyond the restrictions and fear of the last two years.


I Came Back will be shown in Garter Lane Arts Centre on March 26th at 3 p.m. followed by a questions and answers session with Owen and other members of Red Lead moderated by musician Sarah Bates-Evoy.   

Booking is essential.


Title: I Came Back
Date: Saturday, March 26th
Time: 3pm
Duration : 53 minutes
Location : Garter Lane Arts Centre



In March 2004 Owen Griffin a Waterford native was critically injured in an accident on the infamous A77 road in Scotland. A car and motorcycle collided outside the village of Maybole killing a four-year-old boy and a 28-year-old man.

The motorcyclist died at the scene, the child was later in hospital. Three other men and another child were also rushed to Accident and Emergency.

Owen was a healthy, energetic, talented young man with a promising career in music before the catastrophe. One year earlier he had moved from Waterford to Northern Ireland, with his boyband Idolize, to pursue a life in the entertainment industry. They practised dance and singing daily and lived in accommodation provided by their manager. Soon they were coming to the attention of international promoters.

Owen was in a coma for many weeks and his condition was touch and go for most of that time. When he regained consciousness he need ongoing support for the consequences of the trauma he had endured. 

In 2014, he and five other members of The Belong Club, (Alan Flynn, Richie McGuire, Victor Burke, Steve Bond and Joe Hodgkins) asked the organisers from Acquired Brain Injury Ireland to secure drama training. WWETB (Waterford Wexford Education and Training Board) provided a tutor in artist Philip Cullen and from there Red Lead Film Productions was formed. The group has created nine films and shown them to audiences in Garter Lane Arts Centre, St. Patrick’s Gateway and educational institutions including UCC and WIT. The group also won a national award from AONTAS for their contribution to adult education.

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