SprÓg : Teddy Bear’s Picnic with Deirdre Dwyer (online)

Aug 1st - Aug 4th 2020 |
12:00 pm
Free event |

Venue: Online

Have you ever wondered what Teddy Bears like to wear on their heads to a picnic? Nanook here prefers a traditional paper hat while Sooty likes to wear a paper crown. Deirdre has come up with some cool ideas for extremely stylish paper headwear for your own Teddy Bears to wear while out and about.


What you will need:

Some sheets of paper, whatever you have at home. For example – old magazine pages or newspapers, white sheets for a printer, wallpaper, wrapping paper or craft paper…and some concentration.



Booking: No Booking Needed!


Artist Bio: Deirdre Dwyer, who is from Waterford, works as a designer for plays and films. Her job is to make sure the place and the costumes look right. Deirdre has also made two plays for children and is hoping to make a third one soon.  Deirdre likes making things and is good at all sorts of crafty stuff but she finds Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, particularly satisfying even if it can be tricky to get the paper to fold just right sometimes.





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