SprÓg : Weave a Basket with Jacqui Kelleher aka JKMakes (online)

Aug 2nd - Aug 4th 2020 |
12:00 pm
Free event |

Venue: Online | Age Group: 9-12yrs

Learn how to weave a small colourful cardboard basket to store your toys, pencils, or colours. You could even make one to use as a gift box!

Age Group: 9-12yrs

What you will need:

  1. A couple of cereal boxes
  2. newspapers or magazines
  3. ruler and pencil
  4. tape
  5. glue stick


Booking: No Booking Needed!


Artist Bio: Jacqui Kelleher is a designer and maker based in Waterford. She runs workshops to teach crafts to kids and adults because she loves crafts. Just can’t get enough of them! Especially when it comes to using crafts to save things from going to landfill by finding other uses for them. You can find her fabulous stuff in her Etsy shop called ‘JKMakes’.



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