SprÓg : Roots with Curious State Theatre (online)

Jul 30th - Aug 4th 2020 |
12:00 pm
Free event |

Venue: Online

For SprÓg 2020 Curious State have developed a collection of interactive songs about the Irish Woodland.

Why don’t you sing along as they celebrate the magic of the forest?

What you will need:

Your voice!

Booking: No Booking Needed!


Artist Bio: Curious State, a Waterford-based Theatre and Street Spectacle company, make theatre and music for all sorts of venues and found spaces. They are experts in creative intervention, reclaiming public spaces with captivating antics and quirky theatre, filling them with fun, laughter, music and songs for all the family.


We’ll journey through the woodland,

picking wildflowers as we go.

Listening to the birds sing,

As they fly to and fro.


We’ll explore the trails and pathways,

Treading softly with our feet.

For there’s a million different insects,

Trying to survive in the growth beneath.


The trees, they look like giants,

Standing upright, proud and tall.

The branches help protect

All creatures big and small.

The woodland is a magic place,

There’s lots to see and do,

If you move very quietly,

You might see a pygmy shrew!




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