Summer Song

Jul 6th
6:00 pm
€7.50 |

A birders event for the seasoned twitcher, the casual observer and the citizen scientist, join Killian Mullarney (one of the foremost bird artists of our time and an authority on the subject of bird identification), and Peter Cutler showcasing the Rockabill documentary on the Roseate Tern Conservation project.

Don’t miss this evening that will inform and inspire!

6pm : Peter Cutler will introduceCrow Crag Productions presents a screening of their Rockabill documentary showcasing the Roseate Tern Conservation project.

There are thousands of birds nesting on Rockabill and it is truly one of the most unique wildlife areas in Ireland. Crow Crag Productions (which includes Andrew Power, Peter Cutler and Féaron Cassidy) produced and filmed a documentary on this remarkable conservation project.

In 2015, Andrew Power worked as a seabird warden on Rockabill, a tiny island with a lighthouse off the coast of Dublin. Most of the European population of the rare Roseate Tern breeds on Rockabill and there has been a conservation project on the island every summer for the past 30 years. Andrew spent 4 months on Rockabill with just one other warden for company while working on this incredible island.


7.15pm : Killian MullarneyThe Art of Bird Identification – a forty year perspective on birding and field guides“.

The talk begins with a short account of how Killian’s interest in birds developed and was nurtured at a very young age, with reference to the key influences on him at this time. Killian takes us back to a time when the only telescopes available were far inferior to what we have now. The limited information in field guides of he day meant there was huge potential for personal discovery when the first really good telescopes appeared, in the late 70s, which led to a sort of ‘renaissance’ in bird identification knowledge, that continues to this day.

Killian Mullarney is considered one of the foremost bird artists of our time and an authority on the subject of bird identification. His vast experience in the field throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and  North America has helped him develop an exceptional understanding of the birds of the region covered in the highly acclaimed Collins Bird Guide, with which he has been deeply involved since the very beginning. He was a member of the Irish Rare Birds Committee from 1980 to 2008, serves as an identification consultant to some of the leading European birding publications and is regularly asked to assist rarities committees around the world with the assessment of records. His illustrations have appeared in a wide variety of publications, with his depictions of seabirds  in the recently published Sound Approach guide to Petrels Night and Day having drawn particular acclaim. He lives in Wexford, Ireland with his wife, Cornelia, and their three young daughters.

There will be a limited supply of Collins Bird Guides (and copies in several European languages!) for sale.





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