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We have 11 Years to Save the Planet, But We Only Have Today to Save Ourselves

Aug 21st - Aug 24th 2019 |
8:00 pm
€15 |

€15 euro for adults and €10 for teenagers

Waterford Youth Arts in association with Garter Lane Arts Centre presents, a new play devised and Directed by the Cast and Lauren Carbery, Grace Dyas. Deirdre Dwyer, Neil Keary, James Rockett and the 15 – 19 year old Drama Members of WYA.

11 years

It’s real. It’s happening, it’s an emergency; a crisis. The planet is under threat and the consequences of not acting are devastating.

11 years to save the planet, but we only have today to save ourselves. 

How can we can sing and dance when the world is burning up? 

The planet is under threat, a global crisis, but we don’t have the agency to do anything about it, we are but young people, what can we do?  And everyone around us seems to have their heads buried in the sand. 

Maybe we should just try to enjoy the summer, make theatre, make memories. Forget about it.

But we can’t. Can we? 

We want to put on a good show, everyone loves the Summer Project. But some of us want to act, to take a stand, use this platform.

The drama will unfold from the ensuing conflict.




Twenty five young people from Waterford explore climate change, mental health and metatheatricality in a devised project directed by artist and activist Grace Dyas. 

This play will explore some of the most important issues faced by young people today – Climate Change, Mental Health and control over our own bodies. Last February Grace came to Waterford and spent two days discussing ideas and figuring out with the 25 member cast what they wanted to explore. They now will start the next stage of creating the work in early July and the play will be staged in August. 

We have eleven and a half years to save the planet. We have only today to save ourselves.”  UN Climate Change Report 

Devised and Directed by the Cast and Lauren Carbery, Grace Dyas. Deirdre Dwyer, Neil Keary and James Rockett.

Set and Costume Design is by Deirdre Dwyer

Music is by Éadaoin Breathnach

GRACE DYAS Grace is an activist, a theatre director, a writer, a theatre producer and sometimes she changes things or makes new things happen. She makes theatre because she wants to change the world. She lives and works in inner city Dublin, Ireland where she is from.

Recent work for THEATREclub includes – It was easy (in the end), The GameMOYROSS,  HISTORYADDICTIONTWENTY TENTHE FAMILY, HEROIN, (Spirit of The Fringe Award) THEATREclub stole your CLOCK RADIO what the FUCK you gonna do about it?GROUP THERAPY FOR ONE and ROUGH  (Fishamble New Writing Award). Other theatre includes I am A Home Bird (It’s very hard) which she produced for Talking Shop Ensemble and The Fall which she produced for Ella Clarke. 


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