The King Of Spain’s Daughter

Sep 21st
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Free event |

Teresa Deevy was a playwright from Waterford who had six plays produced in the Abbey Theatre in the 1930s.

Deevy’s plays focus on the frustrations and limitations of Irish people, and particularly of Irish women at that time. The plays portray emotional experience through silence, pause and subtext and through the creation of complex central characters. 

Deevy became deaf in her early adulthood but remained independent and dynamic in every sense traveling throughout Europe and communicating with local people on her travels through short notes written in Latin. WIT lecturers and students within the disciplines of Creative and Performing Arts and Languages have teamed up with Garter Lane to present an multilingual reading of Deevy’s one-act play The King of Spain’s Daughter as the latest WIT experiment in considering Deevy’s work.

A Multilingual Rehearsed Reading followed by a short Q & A

This event is part of Garter Lanes Culture Night Celebrations and as such it is  non-ticketed, patrons are encouraged to drop in to their local cultural institutions to sample a wealth of creative and imaginative offerings.


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