John MacKenna
Angela Keogh
Tom Kennedy

The Mental

Oct 6th
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
€16 |

Join author and playwright John MacKenna as he returns to the stage with the third play in his Barrow trilogy, set amongst the landscape surrounding the River Barrow’s path through the southeast of Ireland.

The first in the series, Corner Boys, studied the tradition in pre-television Ireland in which single men would stand out on corners and just… hang out. Sometimes observing passers-by and sometimes cracking jokes, these characters were a major part of Irish life.

In John’s second slice of the trilogy, he dramatised the story of Lucinda Sly and her lover, John Dempsey, who would both be hanged for murdering Lucinda’s husband.

The Mental is the third play in the Barrow trilogy that began with Corner Boys and continued with Lucinda Sly.

This final edition, The Mental, finds its feet at St Joseph’s psychiatric hospital where John Salter has been in residence for 40 years. But times are changing and the patients are being moved into sheltered accommodation or community housing. Follow this touching story of a gentle man who continues to survive in spite of life.

The Mental is the story of John Salter, who spent forty years in psychiatric care for doing a good deed – a gentle story of one man’s life and survival

John, who also acts in the play, tells Mary he has been fascinated by the psychiatric facility in his home town since he was a child, and this is what inspired the play.

Director of “The Mental,” Angela Keogh was also in studio.

Have a listen to their chat, “On the Fringe..”

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