Jim Nolan
Jim Nolan
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Dermot Quinn
Padraig O'Griofa Michael Grant

The Red Iron by Jim Nolan – SOLD OUT

Nov 9th - Nov 30th 2019 |
8:00 pm

September 2017…As crowds gather on Waterford’s Quay to greet the county’s vanquished All-Ireland hurling team…

…the now middle-aged members of a teenage gang return to the city’s long abandoned Red Iron Bridge to remember their recently deceased friend.

The revelation of events surrounding the former hurling star’s death and the unexpected return of a long-exiled associate unravel the cords that bind the gang and expose the fragile nature of a thirty-year old friendship..



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Nolan is one of Ireland’s foremost playwrights and directors whose work has earned a distinguished place in the repertoire of contemporary Irish theatre. A former Writer in Association at the Abbey Theatre and a member of Aosdána, his award-winning plays have been presented throughout Ireland, in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

Since the premiere of The Gods Are Angry, Miss Kerr in 1985, Nolan’s work has enjoyed widespread support and affection in his native city and The Red Iron, set on the city’s iconic railway bridge in the aftermath of the 2017 All-Ireland Hurling Final, is sure to consolidate the playwright’s enduring bond with his local audience.

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