Vygantas Bachmackis, Matas Vildzius
Vygantas Bachmackij
Dovile Kundrotaite, Dziugas Gvozdinskas, Vytautas Kaniusonis

The Wedding

Oct 4th
8:00 pm
€12.50 |

Lithuanian (no English subtitles)  |  16+  |  Comedy, Romance  |  1 h 40 min


A corrupt politician tries to earn some decency points by marrying his daughter to a guy from the crowd.



Laura, the bride, is at the point of escaping her own wedding party when she’s stopped by her dad, Oskaras, a corrupt politician, who wants his sophisticated and exquisite daughter to marry a small town man Edgaras in order to fix his damaged reputation. Oskaras hires Giedrius as the wedding’s emcee, who is later criticized by PR specialist Darius. Two older gentlemen, following primitive wedding traditions, begin chasing down Giedrius to hang him for his lies. The groom’s younger brother Pasha, and Laura’s younger sister Goda later begin falling in love themselves. As time passes, the bride and groom begin to realize that they might have overestimated just how well they really know each other- there’s lots of decision making that needs to be done.




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