POSTPONED : The Windy Lady by Pom Boyd

May 16th
8:00 pm
€16 |

€16/14 conc.

The Windy Lady by Pom Boyd

Poor oul pigs get a very hard time don’t they? Some of them have been in films haven’t they?

They’re not in with the in-crowd isn’t that the problem?

I’m not in-with the in crowd, I only know my neighbour and Elaine in the chemist.

That’s not going to get me very far is it?

Audiences have been falling in love with The Windy Lady for years. Now she’s here with her own show where she invites us to share the contents of her mind, her shopping bag and her biscuit tin. Original and very funny, this show will cheer you up and leave you feeling better about life. You’re not in with the ‘in-crowd’? In The Windy Lady’s world, that’s the in-nest place to be. Pom Boyd’s The Windy Lady is a subversively witty and charming celebration of animals, womanhood and ordinary life.

About the artist

Pom Boyd is one of Ireland’s leading artists who, through her craft animates the glorious mundane. Her work offers a creative and innovative perspective on many familiar moments in everyday life.



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