• Jul 6th
  • 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
  • Dance Room

  • 9 - 12 yrs
  • 15

Ukraine Dance Workshop


Dance classes will be run by instructors Olga and Alina Rudakova (Ukraine and Ireland).
In 1995, Olga Rudakova and her husband, Vlad Rudakov, opened a Ballroom Dance Club based in their home town.
Olga and Vlad taught children and adult students to become champions of Ukraine, Germany and Poland.
In 2015, when the Ballroom Dance Club grew in the ‘Centre of Dance’, a new modern dance grew from it, which is now known as Bellydance.

Olga and her husband carried on their talents of dance to their daughter, Alina.
Alina Rudakova has been dancing since a very young age, she is a wide winning champion in many competitions in Ballroom Dance Ukraine and many other countries globally.
Alinas main focus is bellydancing. With 18 years of experience, Alina has taught this dance around the country in Ukraine. She trains champions and herself preforms to put on a fantastic show in concerts and festivals also judging them for ‘Ukrainian Association of Eastern Dance’.

Today, Vlad Rudakov cannot come to Ireland due to the ongoing war in Ukraine but Olga and Alina have chosen to share their skills with the people of Ireland and to carry on their passions of dance.
Bringing harmony and light! Dance with us and be happy!

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