4Rivers Presents: Lights Out by Hannah McNiven

What happens when the thing you love most is also the thing that destroys you?

Dawn is a boxer.

It is the only profession she has ever known. Escaping poverty, she fights to reach the pinnacle of her sport. Her ascent appears to be unstoppable until, on a night out, a hand on her shoulder dredges up memories of betrayal and violation and she loses control. Boxing saves her life. Yet with one punch life, as she knows it, is over. Enter Sorensen, a psychologist with unorthodox methods who is prepared to explore even the most hopeless of cases and present Dawn with the most challenging opponent of her life so far. 

Directed by Ben Barnes and designed by John Comiskey.

Nov 11th & 12th


                                              Hannah McNiven Writer 

I work day to day training young horses and teaching in primary schools.I act with a number of local theatre groups and I continue to write whenever I have the time, switching between various forms, depending on the form I believe best serves the story I am telling. However, no matter the medium, I think strong characters and compelling stories are an excellent place to start when building an original story.

In essence, I want the opportunity to tell the many stories I have in my head waiting to be exposed to the light.”


Show Time: 8 pm Sharp.

Approximately 90 minutes with no interval.