A little Room : Nolly Powell and Aimee Roche


Nolly Powell

Nolly is a makeup and concept artist based in Bristol. Painting and designing for art and fashion shoots, portraiture, magazine covers, zines, TV and film. Her transgressive, evocative work explores the space between the abject and the erotic; gore, bondage, BDSM, horror and submission.

Aimee Roche

Aimee Roche (b1984, Wexford) is a Waterford based emerging visual artist and facilitator. A graduate of Waterford Institute of Technology where she studied BA in Visual Art and Level 9 Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching in further education. Since graduating from college, she has been on a journey of expanding her artistic practice. She believes in creativity that has something to say. Aimee works in a variety of media including Performance, embroidery, collage, and sculpture.  The inspiration for her work practice is womanhood and the female body. Through her work, she explores the concept of femininity, morality, and equality. Her work addresses the tensions and celebrates the diverseness of the female experience.