A Little Room : Retail is it Six O’Clock Yet? & Yesteryear (Two Plays)



Two big plays in one little room, two years of work in one night. I’m really looking forward to presenting what we’ve put together to an audience; it’s going to be something amazing. Actors from all around Ireland have come together to bring it to life!

Three scenes from both plays are shown here: Retail is it Six O’Clock Yet?, Retail is it Six O’Clock Yet?, Retail is it Six O’Clock Yet?, Retail is it Six O’Clock Yet & Yesteryear, by Darren Malone, a writer.

David hopes that people will receive a genuine feeling of realism from his works, as well as laugh out loud, weep, and feel whatever they want and need to experience.


When: Tuesday 5th of July, 2022

Time: 6pm

There: A Little Room – Garter Lane Arts Centre (

It’s up the steps beside Delaney’s florist)

Capacity: 30

Price: FREE (Booking essential)




Is it Six O’Clock Yet in Retail? recounts the tale of David, a happy but nervous staff member on his first day in the glorious world of customer service, but he quickly discovers that this isn’t the greatest show on earth. We see him struggle to cope with happy customers, helpful and not-so-helpful staff members, and everything in between. David starts out with the best of intentions, but after being mocked, poked, and sort of sexually harassed by fellow staff members, good thoughts go straight out the electric doors.

Come along and laugh out loud as we watch David navigate his way through this very funny and strange thing we call customer service, no exchanges or refunds.


Yesteryear is a story about the characters Edward and Claire, and we see how they met by total chance or by faith interfering.

We witness their love blossom in exquisite detail, from their first words to each other to their first dance to having children and even getting married, all the while there is a tragic undercurrent drama. Claire is battling with a deadly disease that she is attempting to keep hidden from Edward until she is no longer able, and we witness as Edward’s love for his wife gets greater as she becomes weaker.

The story is recounted in flashbacks and flashforwards as they mature as a couple and make memories with their closest friends.

Yesteryear is, at its heart, about love in its purest form.