A Message from The Director


and welcome to Garter Lane Arts Centre.

We are delighted that you chose to visit our website. 

Not unlike literally everyone else on the planet currently, we here in the arts sector are experiencing strange, challenging (and to be perfectly honest) sometimes downright difficult times.

Our doors are closed and our colleagues and artistic, creative, and business friends have all gone home for this period of lockdown. However I wanted to let you know  that we continue to work behind the scenes.

The Garter Lane Team is busy and proactive, and we are working on ways and means to bring you on-line engagement opportunities that are representative of the wealth and depth of artistic endeavour in our community.

We are aware that sometimes we don’t get it right, bear with us, this is a time of unprecedented learning across all sectors.

Do send us your feedback, some of you already have, and it is much appreciated and considered valuable.

This website is one of our main channels of communication. It shows the public both what we do and what the artists who work with us do, and we look forward to sharing that work with you in the coming weeks and months.

We will be carrying out some necessary changes to our site here and there in the weeks to come also as we navigate new territory for the Arts Centre.

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube

You can reach us by email:  admin@garterlane.ie

and if wish to email me personally you can reach me at: sile@garterlane.ie

I genuinely want this period to be over, I think we all do.  And until we can all meet in person again to experience and celebrate great art in our city, we must work collectively to keep ourselves and each other safe.

Garter Lane is not going anywhere and we will let you know (in a loud and clear manner) when our doors will open again. We await that day eagerly. So for now, stay safe.


Síle Penkert

Executive Director

Garter Lane Arts Centre