Courtyard Calibrations : Golden Days (music by DYLAN BIBLE)

Courtyard Calibrations is a special series of commissioned pieces of recorded music created by featured Waterford and South East musicians.

Inspired by the pandemics restrictions and the creative ‘limitations’ felt by those working in the arts, Garter Lane wanted to create a space where artists could continue to have their work accessed and heard by the public.

(Funded by the Arts Council)

This piece of music will be heard continuously throughout the day where you are encouraged to drop in, take up a socially distanced space and “have a listen”  …

‘Golden Days’ can be heard at 5 minutes past the hour, every hour from 1:05 – 5:05pm, Tue-Sat. From June 1st. 

Dylan Bible is a musician synonymous with Waterford and his guitar playing is known as that of quality and of an exceptionally high standard both locally and regionally. 
As we emerge from a very challenging time in our collective experience we thought of Dylan and his abilities to bring the listener into the music. The piece he has created here for the second of Garter Lanes Courtyard Calibrations does just that. Dylan has created music that is at once light and sunny at the same time as being inviting and very comforting. We invite you to hear Dylan’s piece entitled Golden Days in our safe outdoor Courtyard where this recording will be played daily (schedule below). This is what Dylan has to say about Golden Days

Dylan Bible

A bit about me and a bit about the music

I am currently lecturing at the Waterford institute of technology as a jazz guitar tutor.

During the lockdown period, I got a chance to get to grips with the world of music technology. So thankfully when I was asked to do this commission for Garter Lane, I was in the position to write, perform, record, and produce my own music.

For the composition, I have merged acoustic and electric live instruments, with some virtual instruments. The instruments used in Golden Days are strings, percussion, mandolin, guitar, bass, lap steel, marimba, vocal and glockenspiel.

Golden Days

The composition is based on two different themes, first is a jazz waltz which is layered at times to ebb and flow. It has a bright Lydian based chord progression.

The other theme shifts tempo and moves into a Latin influenced melody, in a new time signature. The composition then repeats with variation and elements of improvisation.

Both themes were written after I turned 50 years old/young. I aim to evoke some sunny ‘Golden Days’ ahead in our emergence from the covid 19 pandemic.

‘Golden Days’ can be heard at 5 minutes past the hour, every hour from 1:05 – 5:05pm, Tue-Sat. From June 1st. 


Cover image by DigiCol