i : Matt Higgs


Matt Higgs is a recent fine art graduate from Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork City. Whose work primarily focuses on digital photography with elements of sculptural installation. Using first-hand experience performing as a drag queen, Matt allows the viewer in to see the experiences of what goes on behind the curtain – both a physical and psychological transformation.

Currently exploring the stigmas that surround male victims of domestic abuse – toxic masculinity and gas lighting are prominent themes within Matts work.

Matt’s current series of work was influenced by his own personal experiences of sexuality and how he navigated this phase of my life while shifting from a rural to urban setting.

Exploring themes of; duality, time and the queer experience, Matt looks at the correlation between the split or divide that a drag artist feels when creating a character – how that echoes back to the very same emotional and physical appearance split or divide closeted LGBTQ+ youth face, growing up in conservative rural Ireland. The idea of a passport photograph being a form of identification, a timestamp of a certain period in time, allowed Matt to dissect the emotions of my ‘first times’, pertaining to the LGBTQ+ experience. By playing with fragmentation and the layering of duotone and anaglyph images, it introduced a narrative of a split/divide. A fragmentation. A tension.