i : William Murray


William Murray produces installations, sculptures, video, drawings and photographs. The work deals with the youth obsessed, homoerotic and perfectible male bodies, which are given away in the digital realm. By taking these images out of their original context and dealing with them as sculptural objects, this engagement with materials slows down the eye whereby the physical and material nature of the sculptures shows a conflict between the throwaway and the ideal form. 

The drawings and Photographs deal more explicitly with the notion of the queer male body as a subverted, damaged, and compromised version of the ideal male. The body is often shown as aspiring to the ideal male form while being compromised by outside materials such as duct tape.

William was born in Cork, Ireland in 1991. He has studied in Limerick School of Art & Design (ba) 2009-2013 and at National College of Art & Design (ma) 2014-2016. He currently lives and works in Dublin Ireland.