Imagine Arts Festival 2021: Hannah Ní Mhaonaigh Artist Talk with Maser

As part of this year’s Imagine Arts Festival, visual artist Hannah Ní Mhaonaigh will be in conversation with Maser discussing her recent residency in Atelier Now and her up and coming Solo show in Garter Lane Arts Centre.

This is a pre-recorded interview – available on YouTube (Garter Lane Channel) from the 16th of October to the 21st. 


Join Hannah on October 21st, at 3pm for a Live Q and A. 





About Hannah Ní Mhaonaigh:



Hannah Ní Mhaonaigh is a Dublin based, Irish artist. In her practice, Ní Mhaonaigh creates expanded paintings by using oil & acrylic paint on various mediums including linen, chipboard, found mahogany door frames and architectural wooden panels.

The artists’ painting process involves removing, sanding back and building up layers of pain repeatedly to create abstract artworks that sit somewhere between painting and sculpture. Her playful use of materials enables colour, shape and texture to be the primary driver in her work. Her repetitive practice of overpainting/paring back leads to an intangible honesty and energy in successful paintings. The ones that managed to make it.Artist Residency Programme

The Atelier Now Artist Residency programme encourages submissions from emerging visual artists working with all types of mediums – painting, sculpture, video, photography, textiles. The residency covers a four-month period and offers a working studio space in Dublin’s for the selected artist to execute new work. The residency is outcome-focused and is aimed at artists who already have their initial concepts in place. Essentially, providing a physical space for artists to develop and execute their ideas.

The ambition of this project is to provide emerging artists with a safe space to engage with and develop new work while providing additional opportunities to support the growth of their professional careers and access to a network of other creatives.

These additional opportunities include Mentorship, Mindfulness, Print Release opportunity & Exhibition.

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About Maser



Maser truly embodies the centric spirit of contemporary visual art in Ireland today. Having created artwork since 1995, over the last 25 years, Maser has earned much respect professionally and has generated a large and dedicated following both in Ireland and Internationally – through his seamlessly imaginative and unique graphic style.

Maser’s unique, artistic style draws upon numerous influences including optical and mid-century art, and his paintings are regularly complemented with bold colours, pattern and text. He is ambitious and is unafraid to experiment with any artistic format.  Through his use of contrasting colours and flowing patterns, Maser’s work offers the viewer an opportunity to become fully immersed in an almost hypnotic state.

Maser boasts an impressive list of exhibitions and has created work for Lazarides (UK), National Gallery of Ireland(IE), National Library of Ireland(IE), Tandem Press(USA) and Graphic Print Studio(IE). He even collaborated with the president of Ireland Michael D Higgins on a series of bespoke limited edition prints!

Most recently, Maser was invited to create an immersive large scale 3D installation for the prestigious Art on Paper art fair in New York, 2020. The installation was the centrepiece of the fair and gained much public exposure. And in 2019, he was invited to represent Irish Culture on an International level as an ‘official’ trailblazer of Culture Night 2019.

In addition to his artistic practice, in 2018, Maser established Atelier Maser a creative studio and gallery space located in the heart of Dublin city, in Ireland. The space is dedicated to emerging visual artists and boasts an exciting programme of exhibitions. Alongside its unique exhibition programme, Atelier Maser also hosts regular wellness events, such as meditation and yoga – to promote wellbeing and learning within the Irish urban landscape.