Ireland: Mythos to Modernity (Gwaukee)

Gwaukee is a media artist currently based in Waterford City. Gwaukee works in a myriad of mediums, both analogue and digital.

Gwaukee can be contacted via fax every second Wednesday between 14:47 and 16:53. Namaste…




Dates: 1st December – 22 December 

Artist: Gwaukee

Title: Ireland: Mythos to Modernity


An exhibition incorporating painting and photography. The intent of this

exhibition is to present a visual anthropological journey from Ireland’s past

to present.


Mythos: a pattern of beliefs expressing often symbolically the

characteristic or prevalent attitudes in a group or culture.

Modernity: the modern era or world and especially the ideas and attitudes

associated with the modern world.


The binary of mythos and modernity are allegorical of the duality of past

and present. Paintings represent the past and photographs represent the



The paintings representing mythos depict creatures and entities from

Ireland’s pre-christian Celtic past. The photographs representing

modernity depict scenes from across the island of Ireland and the society

that now inhabits this place.