Japanese Film Festival 2021

On-Gaku: Our Sound

Wed Oct 27@7.30pm 



Dir: Kenji Iwaisawa | 2019 | 71 minutes | Cert: CLUB

Featuring the voices of: Shintaro Sakamoto, Ren Komai, Tomoya Maeno, Tateto Serizawa

High school student Kenji and his two friends Asakura and Ota spend their afternoons getting into fights or lazily wasting time. One day, Kenji gets the sudden urge to start a band. His two friends decide to go along with it, despite none of them having ever played an instrument before. Despite an immediately obvious lack of talent, they soon recruit their classmate Aya as their first fan (and potential lead singer) and strike up an unlikely alliance with their school’s resident folk trio. Kenji and his bandmates quickly set a big goal for themselves: to perform in an upcoming local music festival. However, some of their enemies from a rival school are determined to stop that from happening.

Forget everything you know about anime, because On-Gaku is unlike anything you’ve seen. More deadpan than an episode of Daria but overflowing with brilliant ideas, Kenji Iwaisawa’s low-budget marvel makes the most out of every single frame. Often laugh-out-loud funny, the film also boasts a series of wildly imaginative and expressive music sequences that have to be seen to be believed. Seven years in the making, On-Gaku has emerged as a must-see indie anime.


Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes

Wed Oct 27@9.00pm

Dir: Junta Yamaguchi | 2020 | 70 minutes | Cert: CLUB

Starring: Kazunari Tosa, Aki Asakura

Kato lives above a cafe, which he also owns. One evening, while relaxing in his apartment after finishing work, Kato hears a voice calling him, a voice which seems to be coming from his own computer screen. In fact the voice is Kato’s own, reaching out to him from two minutes in the future! Somehow the screen in Kato’s apartment and the TV screen in the cafe downstairs are connected with a two minute time delay. Not knowing what to do, a confused Kato calls on his friends to help figure out this strange time-travel phenomenon. But will they be able to help him, or will they get distracted finding ways to take advantage of seeing into the future!

Shot entirely with an iPhone in just a handful of locations, Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes is the first feature film produced and starring Kyoto-based theatre troupe Europe Kikaku. Like much of the troupe’s theatre work, the film takes a relatively simple concept and adds layers of complexity, resulting in a story that seamlessly mixes inventive comedy and sci-fi together. Already being compared to One Cut of The Dead for similarities in originality, budget and ambition, Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes is an entertaining, charming one-of-a-kind. It’s sure to become this year’s cult gem.



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