Laura James Live Q and A with Garter Lane Arts Centre


Laura is originally from Texas and now resides on the west coast of Florida.

She is predominantly an abstract painter who has been part of numerous collaborative and solo exhibitions. Laura has taught workshops and classes and is included in many private and corporate collections nationally.


Date: October 23rd 2020 

Time: 5.30pm

Duration: 45 mins

Location: Online Zoom Link

Artist Statement

I make art to communicate in an intimate way with the world around me.  I strive to give people a reason to pause for a moment, catch their breath and experience something new. I work mainly in abstraction because I enjoy the space it allows for interpretation.

The pieces are created by layering colors and mediums which produce texture, intensity and depth that is very organic; they seem fluid and static simultaneously. The process of watching the piece evolve, seeing all the layers come together into one cohesive piece is very cathartic for me. The process is, at a minimum, as important as the message I am conveying.

I love the interaction I get to have with people who view my pieces – to see the work through another’s eyes. I believe if we take the time to absorb the details both artist and viewer have the opportunity to broaden their perspectives.