PLATFORM 31: A National Opportunity for Artists to Develop Their Practice

A nationwide artist development scheme by the 31 Local Authority Arts Offices, in collaboration with the Arts Council

The Association of Local Authority Arts Offices, in collaboration with the Arts Council, present PLATFORM 31: a national opportunity for artists to develop their practice and test new ideas of collaboration, research, audience development, place-making and sharing their work in a peer-led exchange process.

The scheme is led by the Local Authority Arts offices throughout Ireland, who are key resources in the national arts infrastructure. They have a critical role in artist development and have been supporting, commissioning and developing artists at grassroots level for over 35 years.

Platform 31 recognises the unique needs of artists at this moment and aims to support their development and thinking processes during this difficult time. It will allow them space to reflect on how they might move forward in a meaningful way supported by peers, by a network of advisors and mentors addressing their emerging needs, and by the constant, expert and experienced resource that is their Local Authority Arts Office.

Designed to support and offer career development for 31 mid-career artists (one artist in each of the 31 local authorities around Ireland), there are two elements of support for participating artists in the scheme: financial and developmental.

Participating artists will receive an €8,000 bursary to invest in themselves and their practice, combined with participation in an advisory and developmental framework and a national peer network.

The scheme will establish a peer networking framework for participating artists, introducing them to a pool of critical thinkers to share their work and learnings, and encouraging a national conversation about creating work in local contexts. The exact nature of this artist support framework, which will last for approx. 6 months from February 2021, will be informed by the proposals and interests of the 31 artists selected.

The aim of the scheme is to allow artists time to reflect on how they might test new ideas, research new approaches and make work in a different way, while being connected with and supported by peer practitioners, advisors and mentors.



Who can apply

The Platform 31 scheme is open to application from those who meet all three of the following criteria:

  • Artists living in any of the 31 Local Authority regions in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Artists of any medium and practice, as well as multi-disciplinary practice.
  • Artists who have received Local Authority Arts Office or Arts Council funding within the last 3 years (2018, 2019, 2020).