Cuban Salsa/Bachata – Solo/Single Dance Classes – Postponed

Salsa is back in Garter Lane every Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm for a 90 minute class.

There will be no partnering and classes are limited to 5 people.

Advance booking and payment ESSENTIAL

To book call or email Thomas on Mobile: +353 (0) 87 38 46 671 / E-mail:

Salsa is upbeat and energetic, the kind of rhythm that just invites you to dance.

It’s no wonder then that it originated as a popular social dance in the Caribbean (Cuba) from where it spread to North America, and from there it spread throughout the world.

For fans of other rhythms – jazz, reggae, techno, kizomba, bachata, or whatever else – the salsa fusions you will hear offer a whole new musical experience and the hot sizzling, romantic style that is Salsa…

  • The building has been selected with a complete focus for your safety…
  • 2 doors : one in and one out.
  • Min. 2 meters spacing between each dancer (see below).
  • Single-use masks will be available.
  • Sign-in required for contact tracing purposes.
  • The class will be 90 minutes

Be responsible, be safe

Proper hand washing, respiratory hygiene and social distancing are more important than ever.