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Curious State are experts in creative intervention, taking to the stage and street with quirky theatre and music for all the family, reclaiming public spaces with captivating antics and laughter. Curious State is a Waterford-based theatre and street spectacle company.


Event Name: Curious State Videos

Facilitator: Video pieces

Date: Saturday, July 17th

Age: +6yrs


12.30 -1.30pm


Venue : Garter Lane Theatre  

3 screenings in total. 20 minutes of clips. 







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Curious State


A handy history of IRELAND

 Created & performed by Eoin Lynch & Nicholas Kavanagh  |  Composed by Joe Harney

The history you didn’t know you needed to know’

A handy history of IRELAND is a collection of funny interviews conducted by finger puppet caricatures. There’s no need to revise any history books because this absurd fictional history of Ireland is completely fabricated. Suitable for all the family. (History teachers look away now!)


Malcolm Riverstock is an outlandish historian. In this new one-part documentary, he travels the length and breadth of Ireland in his Ford Fiesta trying to unearth fresh, historical facts about the Republic. Malcolm leaves no village unturned as he scours the countryside for connections to a forgotten past (probably not worth remembering).

His first stop is at Áras an Uachtaráin, the home of the president of Ireland, Micheal D. Higgins. Malcolm gets an all access tour of the house and even meets Bród the dog too.




Curious State


The Street Sweeper

 Written & performed by Nicholas Kavanagh

 Cinematography by John Loftus  |  Composed by Joe Harney

One person’s rubbish is another’s treasure’


The Street Sweeper is a short film, for all the family, that investigates the daily routine of a not-so-ordinary street cleaner. Sammy looks for the beauty in the items discarded by others. Join Sammy as he recycles his way into the future.


Have you heard of a fella called “Sammy the Sweep”?

He works very hard while the world is asleep.

Up early each morning at dawn with the sun,

Picking litter and sweeping are his kind of fun.

Pushing his trash-cart with the power of his feet,

Sweeping and singing, cleaning street after street.

Each day of the week is a battle brand new,

Sammy’s quest is to clean the world up for you.

Monday to Sunday are the days that he works,

Searching for rubbish wherever it lurks.

Collecting the stuff that’s thrown on the ground,

The king of recycling he’ll one day be crowned.

Join him today as he takes to the street,

What will he find, down there by his feet?

Follow him now as he brushes and picks,

He’s like a magician lookout for his tricks!



Curious State



 Written & performed by Nicholas Kavanagh


Roots, is a collection of interactive songs about the Irish Woodland presented by Curious State theatre company. Why don’t you sing along as they celebrate the magic of the forest?

Curious State is a Waterford-based theatre and street spectacle company. Curious State create theatre and music for a myriad of venues and found spaces, they are experts in creative intervention, taking to the stage, street and screen with quirky theatre and songs for all the family, reclaiming public spaces with captivating antics


We’ll journey through the woodland,

picking wild flowers as we go.

Listening to the birds sing,

As they fly to and fro.


We’ll explore the trails and pathways,

Threading softly with our feet.

For there’s a million different insects,

Trying to survive in the growth beneath.


The trees, they look like giants,

Standing upright, proud and tall.

The branches help protect

All creatures big and small.


The woodland is a magic place,

There’s lots to see and do,

If you move very quietly,

You might see a pygmy shrew!