SprÓg 2019!

SprÓg 2019 is fast approaching!Stay tuned for information on a totally awesome, jammed programme of excellent events, workshops, shows and much more in this year’s SprÓg Childrens festival, Waterford’s only festival dedicated to children.

What will happen? A brochure with all the events times and details will be made available in June.

Where can we get them? You can get them by dropping in to GL, or your local library, they will also go to schools locally. You can also download a pdf directly from this website.

Will it cost a lot? We aim for all of our children’s events to be either low cost or entirely free, yes FREE.

Will we have fun? That’s entirely up to you, but we are confident that smiles, laughter, and fired up imaginations will be the end result of any SprÓg experience.